Curacao moet Flora en Fauna beter Beschermen tegen Natuur Misdadigers

Lokale natuur organisaties, zoals Stichting Crickey Amigu di Natura (CAdN), vinden sinds 2007 dat de overheid op Curacao betere resultaten moet leveren als het gaat om het optreden tegen eco-terroristen die omwille van onbegrensde zelfverijking publieke eigendommen vernielen.

Het handhaven van wettelijke bepalingen opgenomen in het Eilandelijk Ontwikkelings Plan (EOP) van 1997 laat veel te veel aan willekeur te wensen over.

Op de BES Eilanden geeft het Wereld Natuur Fonds (WNF/WWF) specifieke aanwijzingen aan de NL’se bestuurders.

Het eerste bezoek van minister Carola Schouten (LNV) aan Bonaire werd door het World Wildlife Fund (WWF) aangegepen om haar te herinneren aan de bedreigingen voor het koraal.

Het WWF vraagt de minister om in actie te komen voordat het te laat is. De koraalriffen worden niet alleen ernstig bedreigd, maar zijn ook van economisch belang voor de Caribische Eilanden.

Ook op Curacao wordt de druk op de koralen en andere beschermde gebieden steeds groter door toenemend toerisme. Over de afgelopen 50 jaar is meer dan 75% van de riffen verdwenen.

Vooral cruise schepen en duiktoerisme verhogen de druk op bijbehorende handhaving, maar ook de onbelaste rioolvervuiling van de hotels verstoren de balans in de natuur en zorgen in toenemende mate voor problemen.

Ook worden de natuur en de koralen door klimaat verandering aangetast. Vooral op Jan Thiel laat handhaving veel te wensen over, mede omdat het APC haar inkomsten boven de wettelijke handhaving stelt.

Het WWF zegt dat er verschillende concrete oplossingen te realiseen zijn die zullen helpen om on andere de koralen te onderhouden.

Volgens CAdN zijn rioolwaterzuivering, het tegen gaan van plastic afval, bodemerosie en bescherming van kwetsbare gebieden, zoals de zoutpannen en de flora an fauna op Jan Thiel.

Massa toerisme staat gelijk eco-terrorisme, waaraan de toeristen fabrieken aan de zuidkust van Curacao een kwalijke bijdrage leveren.

WWF / Crickey Amigu di Natura

Brazil authorized Federal Troops to Fight Amazon Fires

In a televised address Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro said that above-average temperatures and dry weather have led to the fires in Amazon states, adding that he had authorized use of federal troops and equipment to fight the fires.

Bolsonaro said that the government is aware of Amazon fires and is taking actions to try to contain them. More than 20% of the world’s Oxygen is produced by the Amazon Rain forest.

As news reaches around the world that the Amazon rain forest is burning at an unprecedented rate, people are beginning to ask questions about who is responsible.

In the past weeks, since August 15, over 9,500 new forest fires were reported in Brazil, most of them spread across the Amazon basin.

According to Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research, over 74,000 forest fires were started in Brazil this year, which is nearly double the 40,000 fires that were recorded in 2018.

This represents an 83% increase in wildfires when compared to the same time last year, making it the most fires recorded in a single year.

Brazil’s pro-business President Jair Bolsonaro has been blamed for emboldening farmers and loggers in Amazonia to set fires to the forest, the planet’s carbon dump, to clear the land for exploitation.

Among his disputable decisions was the sacking of Ricardo Galvao, the head of INPE, earlier this month, who accused Bolsonaro’s government of increasing the pace of deforestation in the Amazon region.

Even before this ominous development, things were looking pretty bleak for the Amazon.

Experts and activists have suggested a variety of reasons for the recent burning, but the government is allowing the rain forest to be ravaged by farmers and corporations for their own personal gain.

The newly elected president Jair Bolsonaro campaigned on a misguided platform of stimulating economic growth by opening up the Amazon to industry.

Since coming into office, his administration has significantly scaled back environmental protections, essentially giving a green light to loggers, miners, and ranchers to violently expel native tribes from their lands and destroy the local ecosystem.

Amazon Watch is not alone. Amnesty International secretary-general Kumi Naidoo also made a statement blaming the current condition of the Amazon on the controversial president.

They must change their disastrous policy of opening up the rain forest for destruction, which is what has paved the way for this current crisis.

One of the tactics listed was framing the Amazon crisis as a wedge issue to divide liberals and conservatives.

If the destruction of the Amazon can be reduced to a simple “political opinion,” the legitimate concerns from activists and experts can be easily dismissed as nothing more than a dissenting political opinion.

Sharks in the USA

Sleek, muscular bodies of sharks slice through the water—powerful predators of the ocean, striking fear in smaller fish—and sometimes humans

After extensive coverage of shark attacks on people in local and national media, readers may be left asking why there seems to be a “spike” in recent incidents.

5. North Carolina is the shark haven of the USA. Fisherman call it the swarm farm of the ocean. Luckily only 1% of the shark attack victims face sudden death.

International Shark Attack File (ISAF), ISAF focuses on the number of unprovoked attacks, reporting that the overall trend has increased worldwide over recent decades.

The main reason, the scientists say: tourism. The human population is increasing, while more people are visiting beaches and engaging in water activities. International Shark Attack File (ISAF).

4. California is best known for its Great White shark attacks during summer time vacations.

Out of more than 489 shark species, only three are responsible for a double-digit number of fatal, unprovoked attacks on humans: the Tiger, Bull and Great White.

However, the Oceanic White Tip has probably killed many more castaways, but these are not recorded in the statistics.

3. South Carolina has the Black Tip sharks roaming the shallow waters where swimmers also try to enjoy a sunny day at the beach.

A notable difference exists in the number of recent incidents on the U.S. Atlantic coast versus the Pacific. The reasons may surprise you.

In 2018, the United States led the world with the highest number of reported shark attacks, according to the ISAF

2. Hawaii has the problem with Tiger Sharks, that eat anything in their path, hearing heart beats of prey from a distance of 1 mile.

Within the continental United States, more shark-human encounters occurred in the Atlantic Ocean—only four attacks were reported in the Pacific (three from Hawaii) compared to 27 in the Atlantic.

In Hawaii, attacks by Tiger sharks are the most common, whereas in California, White sharks (also known as great white and white pointer) are most likely to be involved.

1. Florida is the number one shark domain in the USA, With over 100 kinds of prey moving around, including humans the US beaches become a threat to humans.

This Sunshine State has over 1200 miles of coastline where 10 foot Bull Sharks are the most dangerous in these waters. From above you are able to see that the sharks are swimming between the people in the water.

Most victims of attacks are swimmers or surfers. That also explains why more shark incidents tend to occur in warmer months, because that’s when more people pursue those activities.

A female Bull Shark an weigh over 500 pounds, making it a real deal to cope with. Bull Sharks are the only shark species that an survive outside salt water, making them look for prey in river systems and sweet water lakes.

Florida has more shark attacks registered then the rest of the top-5 all together. With 26 million beach goers visiting the warm waters during the three month summer vacation time that does not surprise the scientists.

Working with sharks on a day-to-day basis, one of the things that you realize is how vulnerable they are, and the extent to which we are a greater threat to them than they ever will be to us,”

Over 150 million sharks are killed every year, most of them for shark fin soup and other human cut backs.

Wikipedia / Crickey Amigu di Natura News 2019.

Cockroaches will soon be Impossible to Kill with Chemical Pesticides

An ominous new study has found that Cockroaches will soon be impossible to kill with standard pesticides, as they can develop cross-resistance to poisons they’ve never encountered within a single generation.

German cockroaches – the small, quick-scurrying type whose traces can be found in 85% of US urban homes – are rapidly becoming impervious to pesticide chemicals, developing cross-resistance to a variety of insecticides within a single generation, a study published in Scientific Reports has demonstrated.

And even the researchers who conducted the experiment are creeped out by the evolutionary capabilities of the ubiquitous six-legged natural cleaners.

Michael Scharf, chair of the Entomology Department at Purdue University and co-author of the study, said in a statement last week. “Cockroaches developing resistance to multiple classes of insecticides at once will make controlling these “pests” almost impossible with chemicals alone.”

One experiment in which 10% of cockroaches started off resistant to a particular pesticide actually saw populations grow over the six months during which the researchers sprayed, a disconcerting result in itself.

But it was the multi-chemical experimental groups that really caused a stir – cockroaches who survived treatment with one insecticide developed immunity not just to that chemical, but to other chemicals they hadn’t even been exposed to – increasing their resistance “four- to six-fold in just one generation,” Scharf marveled.

Cockroach populations targeted with multiple chemicals also tended to spread out, infesting adjacent apartments to those being tested – so not only did total population numbers not decrease as they were expected to, but entire buildings fell to six-legged armies that were once content with smaller domains.

Female German cockroaches may lay up to 400 eggs in a lifetime, and the insects’ 60-day lifespan makes for a quick-evolving species. They thrive in human habitats – particularly where food is left behind – and rely on humans for shelter in cold climates.

They also have wings – but at least the humans can take some small comfort in knowing the speciesvery rarely flies,” according to Orkin?

RT Science / Crickey Amigu di Natura Foundation News 2019.

Common Things That Can Cause Cancer

The bad news is that cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide.

The good news is that death rates from cancer in the U.S. have declined steadily over the last 25 years, according to the American Cancer Society.

This notable drop of about 1.5% per year has a lot to do with lifestyle changes.

Certain cancers are determined by genetics, which means it is out of our control to prevent it from occurring.

However, in many instances the food we eat, the lifestyles we live, and the chemicals we breathe and ingest can dramatically increase the risk of some cancers.

Business Insider recently delved deeper into the medical world to determine which known carcinogens (cancer causers) and other factors can increase that risk. Based on that report, here are 11 things that could be linked to cancer:

Sugar. Eating too much sugar has been linked to diabetes and weight gain, but those are not the only health risks that come with polishing off all those bags of sweets or drinking sodas.

Consuming too much sugar can also damage cells, increasing your chances of developing cancer.

Processed foods. The chances are that if the food you are eating has little to no resemblance to its original form (a piece of fruit or vegetable) it is probably bad for your health.

Foods that have been plastic wrapped to last for ages on the shelves have also been linked to certain cancers. This could be from the ingredients that give the items their extended shelf life or the plastic packaging they come in.

Smoking. By now you probably know just how bad smoking is for your health and that it can cause cancer. However, it is not just smokers who are at risk.

Tobacco smoke contains at least 70 chemicals that can cause cancer, putting people who inhale secondhand smoke also at risk of developing deadly cancers.

Charred meat. Meats that have been charred, or cooked over an open flame, contain compounds that have been linked to cancer. Those dangerous chemicals are released when meat such as beef, poultry, and fish are cooked over an open flame or even pan-fried at high temperatures.

Alcohol. Drinking more than the recommended limit on a regular basis can increase your risk of developing several types of cancer affecting the liver, colon, and digestive system.

Diesel exhaust. Research has found that diesel oil contains more than 30 airborne chemicals that have been linked to lung cancer and possibly bladder cancer, the American Cancer Society noted.

Processed meats. While hot dogs, bacon, and ham all taste great, they are not doing your health any favors. These processed meats are crammed with cancer-causing preservatives.

They have also undergone various treatments that can all up your risk of developing cancer. If that is not enough, studies have found that red meat, even when unprocessed, has also been linked to certain types of cancer.

Birth control. This has been a strongly debated topic, but some research suggests that using birth control pills could increase a woman’s likelihood of developing cervical cancer.

However, on the opposite end of the spectrum, other studies found the opposite to be true. There is also evidence that birth control pills may reduce the risk of developing other cancers.

Viruses. Some viruses like human papillomavirus (HPV), hepatitis B and C viruses, the Epstein-Barr virus, and even the H. pylori bacterium could increase the risk of cancer.

Obesity. Being overweight can put you at risk of various health issues, and cancer is one of them. Obesity can increase your chances of developing several types of cancer affecting the kidneys, pancreas, breast, and colon.

Business Insider / Crickey Amigu di Natura 2019.

Corendon overgenomen door de Zweedse investeerder Triton

Corendon wordt overgenomen door de Zweedse investeerder Triton. Die zal de reisorganisatie samenvoegen met Sunweb (sponsor wielrenner Tom Duloulin), waar de Zweden eerder een meerderheidsbelang in verwierven.

De verkoop betreft de activiteiten van de touroperator in Nederland en België. De hotels van Corendon en de eigen luchtvaartmaatschappijen in Turkije en Malta zijn geen onderdeel van de verkoop.

Corendon werd in 2000 opgericht door Atilay Uslu en Yildiray Karaer. Aanvankelijk was het bedrijf gespecialiseerd in reizen naar Turkije.

Later kwamen daar andere bestemmingen bij. De activiteiten werden uitgebreid met luchtvaartmaatschappijen in Turkije (2005), Nederland (2011) en Malta (2017). Ook opende Corendon hotels in Turkije, Nederland, Ibiza en Curaçao.

Vorig jaar handelde Corendon in meer dan 750.000 vakantiegangers uit Nederland en België. Corendon behaalde daarmee een omzet van 515 miljoen euro.

NOS / ABC Flash Point Travel News 2019.

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