The Bosnian Pyramids

In 2020, doctor Sam Osmanagich and The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation is celebrating its 15 th year since multidisciplinary investigations of the Bosnian Pyramids began.

These pyramids are older than the Egyptian pyramids and even older than the Neolithic era. Long back, a lake was found under these pyramids.

Even today, the lake has sterile clean water without any bacteria, algae, fungi, microorganisms, animals, or even moss and mud. Locals call the water of this lake the ‘living water’ because it purifies the body. The pyramids are considered healing rooms where human body regenerates faster and illness disappear.

In 2005, Bosnian born anthropologist Dr Sam Osmanagich announced to the world’s media his discovery, that a group of hills in the vicinity of Visoko, a small town in central Bosnia, were not hills at all but were in fact buried and forgotten Pyramids of both monumental size and extreme age.

The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, the largest of the Bosnian Pyramids, is estimated to be at least 300m (900ft) tall. The Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon, though smaller at 190m (600ft) tall, is still over 50m (150ft) taller than the Great Pyramid of Giza.

The response to his announcement was mixed, with equal amounts of excitement from those enthusiastic to esoteric ideas regarding the world’s ancient pyramids.

But there was skepticism from many, including the local Bosnian population, and despite lack of any proper scientific investigation on their part, outright condemnation from academic circles intent on maintaining a crumbling paradigm.

Beginning in 2006, Dr Osmanagich would self-finance investigations of the Bosnian Pyramids in order to obtain empirical evidence to support his controversial pyramid hypothesis.

Using satellites, geo-radar, seismic surveys and topographic analysis, a total of five principle sites were identified for initial investigation (later named Pyramids Sun, Moon, Dragon, Love and Temple of Mother Earth).

Archaeological trenches were excavated across all these principle sites and were overseen by Dr Osmanagich and other experts in the field of archaeology, geology and geophysics.

As well as the surface excavations, core drilling was also conducted, with samples undergoing geo-chemical and material analysis by several specialized university departments internationally.

Results suggested the material was an artificial conglomerate geo-polymer and though it looked like natural stone, it had dissimilar chemical and mechanical properties to the geological material found locally.

Strength tests measured it to be considerably stronger than both the locally found conglomerates and even modern-day concrete.

The evidence obtained supported Dr Osmanagich’s original hypothesis, that these hills under investigation were not just regular hills, but were in fact either, at the very least, modified to look like pyramids.

Or otherwise were completely built from the ground up, by a civilization of great antiquity, unknown to the mainstream version accepted history, using methods of construction unknown to modern science?

Besides the controversies generated by the Bosnian Pyramid Project, there is of course one other thing that differentiates the research taking place in the Bosnian Pyramid Valley to that of any other archaeological project. It is the most open and transparent archaeological site in the world.

Unlike in Egypt for example, where it is almost impossible for anyone outside the clique of Egyptology to undertake independent or even cooperative research freely, the Bosnian Pyramid Valley is open to everyone.

Ancient Origins Network / Crickey Conservation Society 2022.

4 Comments on “The Bosnian Pyramids

    • Wordt gedaan om de meeste mensen bezig te houden en af te leiden met onzin, want we zijn niet in staat om met ons lichaam door het heelal door te reizen omwille van radioactieviteit!

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  1. Pyramids around the world all seem to be connected, its for us to find out why the all point at stellar origins, like Pleiades and Sirius? Is that where they (us) came from?

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