Chinese scientists discover Massive Caverns around underground River

China’s Ministry of Natural Resources announced on Friday that a group of scientists had discovered a giant cluster of natural sinkholes consisting of 19 huge caverns in a forest near the southern part of the country bordering Vietnam.

Researchers claim that the group of giant caves is one of the largest sinkhole clusters found in the country, in comparison with the world’s largest sinkhole cluster, also located in China.

The 19 caverns are reportedly spread “like a string of beads” around the basin of the underground river of Dingye, 60 km long, with a drop of 292 meters.

The volume of each of the caves is over one million cubic metres, and all are located at an altitude of over 1,000 meters. Researchers also discovered primitive vegetation and trees standing over 50 meters tall.

According to the ministry, the discovery of the sinkhole cluster is hope to cause a significant leap in the economy of geological tourism between the towns of Chengxiang and Longhe in the county of Napo, Guangxi Zhuang Napo, famous for its Karst geological formations.

Beijing claims to possess the deepest underwater cave in the world, as well as over two-thirds of the world’s known natural sinkholes, including the planet’s largest sinkhole cluster.

Crickey Nature Foundation 2019.

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