Brazil’s Pesticides Poisoning Global Consumers through Agricultural Exports

Brazil’s government has approved extremely toxic agricultural pesticides this year and loosened regulations, which is now is affecting consumers all over the world.

Environmental journalist and founding member of the Green Economic Institute think tank Oliver Tickell, said that EU-banned pesticides being manufactured in the EU, are coming back to citizens in the EU, in the food we eat.

Brazil supplies, as one of the largest soy exporters in the world, a significant quantity of the feed that cattle and other livestock worldwide consume.

European consumers tucking into a juicy steak have no idea that the creature they’re eating might have been nourished on soy sprayed with highly toxic pesticides.

The fervently pro-business government of President Jair Bolsonaro has already approved 262 pesticides this year, 82 of which are classed as “extremely toxic.”

Jair Bolsonaro follows through on campaign promises to demolish environmental regulations and open up protected rain forest lands to mining and agriculture.

This is not just a problem for Brazil and its people exposed in the countryside to these pesticides, but it is affecting people all over the world through Brazil’s agricultural exports.

While Agriculture Minister Tereza Cristina has flatly denied Brazil uses any more pesticides than any other country, EcoWatch claims the country consumes more pesticides per capita than any other nation.

Crickey Conservation Society News 2019.

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