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Ethiopia dismisses Egypt’s proposal on Nile River Dam Project

Ethiopia’s Foreign Ministry has dismissed Egypt’s latest proposal regarding, a massive Nile River dam project, shortly after Cairo said a new round of talks over the filling and operation of the soon-to-be-finished $5 billion Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam failed to achieve progress. The dam… Continue Reading “Ethiopia dismisses Egypt’s proposal on Nile River Dam Project”

Curacao moet Flora en Fauna beter Beschermen tegen Natuur Misdadigers

Lokale natuur organisaties, zoals Stichting Crickey Amigu di Natura (CAdN), vinden sinds 2007 dat de overheid op Curacao betere resultaten moet leveren als het gaat om het optreden tegen eco-terroristen die omwille van onbegrensde zelfverijking publieke eigendommen vernielen. Het handhaven van wettelijke bepalingen opgenomen… Continue Reading “Curacao moet Flora en Fauna beter Beschermen tegen Natuur Misdadigers”

Brazil authorized Federal Troops to Fight Amazon Fires

In a televised address Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro said that above-average temperatures and dry weather have led to the fires in Amazon states, adding that he had authorized use of federal troops and equipment to fight the fires. Bolsonaro said that the government is… Continue Reading “Brazil authorized Federal Troops to Fight Amazon Fires”

Cockroaches will soon be Impossible to Kill with Chemical Pesticides

An ominous new study has found that Cockroaches will soon be impossible to kill with standard pesticides, as they can develop cross-resistance to poisons they’ve never encountered within a single generation. German cockroaches – the small, quick-scurrying type whose traces can be found in… Continue Reading “Cockroaches will soon be Impossible to Kill with Chemical Pesticides”

Common Things That Can Cause Cancer

The bad news is that cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. The good news is that death rates from cancer in the U.S. have declined steadily over the last 25 years, according to the American Cancer Society. This notable drop of… Continue Reading “Common Things That Can Cause Cancer”

Corendon overgenomen door de Zweedse investeerder Triton

Corendon wordt overgenomen door de Zweedse investeerder Triton. Die zal de reisorganisatie samenvoegen met Sunweb (sponsor wielrenner Tom Dumoulin), waar de Zweden eerder een meerderheidsbelang in verwierven. De verkoop betreft de activiteiten van de touroperator in Nederland en België. De hotels van Corendon en… Continue Reading “Corendon overgenomen door de Zweedse investeerder Triton”