Volvo Ocean Race

In recent years The Ocean Race has made solid steps towards greater inclusion and diversity of participants in the competition.

The Ocean Race’s work towards greater inclusion and diversity is not just with respect to the sailors, but across all aspects of the organization on shore. However, the work is far from complete. It’s an ongoing project, a mission passionately shared by a number of key partners.

There’s still much work to be done. If you look across the history of this race, which is now 50 years old, since 1973 there have been 2853 sailors taking part. Of those 2853, only 173 have been female. That’s about 6%. So that doesn’t look to be very balanced and very equal in my eyes.

One reason, perhaps the biggest, why women have struggled to gain a foothold in professional offshore racing is because of the physical differences. There has been a widespread perception that women are not strong enough for the job. Davies disagrees, and has the sailing CV to prove it.

The longer the race and the smaller the crew number, I think the less difference it makes whether you’re a male or a female sailor.

And I think the more the race becomes a question of endurance and keeping it in one piece and keeping the team in one piece and looking after each other, looking after your boat – all those skills are more important than pure physical strength. More important is your ability to survive the discomfort.

Leading voices at The Ocean Race Summit Mindelo, Cabo Verde, also called for urgent ocean action in an event that brought together nations unified by their connection to the ocean.

We are in the midst of a severe crisis caused by climate change, accelerated loss of biodiversity, and ocean pollution which severely affects all countries, and island nations in a particularly serious way.

The climate and environmental crisis are global. Solving them is the responsibility of every country in the world, and a greater responsibility for the countries with the largest share in producing the harmful effects of climate change and pollution.

Nature is at the heart of The Ocean Race and protecting it is central to all we do, including in Ocean Live Park, the site in each of our host cities where visitors get to experience the Race firsthand.

The One Blue Voice Immersive Experience, which has been created in collaboration with 11th Hour Racing, takes visitors on a journey beneath the waves to discover the race to protect the seas.

An engaging multi-sensory holographic show will give visitors a new perspective on the ocean and introduce them to some of its unsung heroes.

Outside, in the action zone, is the chance for people to take a deeper dive and discover how they can make a difference with a range of engaging ocean-themed activities.

Visitors can take a quiz to discover their ocean voice, snap a sea-themed selfie and help create a better future for our blue planet by signing the petition for a Universal Declaration of Ocean Rights.

The Ocean Race is taking part in the crucial United Nations Climate talks to push for ocean rights to be legally recognized. The Ocean Rights Alliance was launched to engage businesses in ocean governance and to gain support for a Universal Declaration of Ocean Rights by 2030.

Ahead of the start of the round-the-world race on Sunday, teams have signed up to a series of individual and team-wide actions that support a healthy ocean.

Teams commit to being a voice for the ocean, raising awareness of the issues affecting it and inspiring their sponsors, partners and legions of fans to help to protect the seas.

They also recognize the ocean’s right to thrive and support the Race’s One Blue Voice campaign that calls for a Universal Declaration of Ocean Rights.

Each boat will carry onboard scientific equipment to gather vital ocean data, helping scientists to better understand the seas and the impact of human-activity on them, contributing to the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science.

Among the 10 operational commitments, teams are required to have renewable energy onboard, avoid all single-use plastic and minimize, measure and balance their unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions.

The Ocean Race / ABC Flash Point News 2023.

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