Amazing Telepathic Abilities of Animals and Plants

Can animals and plants communicate with us through telepathy? You may have heard that some humans can communicate using telepathy. But did you know that telepathy is not exclusive to humans?

In fact, all life forms in this world, including animals and plants, are probably communicating with each other by means of telepathy. As humans, we are too busy each day to see these signs.

Now, both the scientific and psychic worlds have started to notice this amazing phenomenon about the animal psychic that broke the boundaries and amazing discoveries that prove plants can communicate telepathically and may have consciousness!

When we think about communication, we usually refer back to speaking and writing. But what about connection through the mind? Telepathy is a gift that we all possess–and telepathic abilities are much more natural than one might think.

Passed down from our ancient ancestors, we all have the innate ability to connect with the consciousness of others. We hope is that through this article, we can help you connect with and strengthen your own telepathic powers.

Telepathy is the process of receiving thoughts or feelings from another person. It is a type of Extrasensory Perception (ESP.) Telepathy usually happens over distance and without the use of other senses like hearing or touch. There are several types of telepathic activities.

To understand telepathy, you have to understand our human makeup on a deeper level. As humans, we all have consciousness–the ability to be aware and to feel. It is everything you experience.

We also have the ability to connect with the consciousness of others. This happens by aligning your own consciousness grid with the grid of another.

Another way of thinking about this is to think about what is underneath the skin as vibrating energy. Like a radio, every one of us contains the ability to transmit a number of frequencies.

When we are able to align our frequency with the vibration of another, we can communicate telepathically. We no longer need the other senses as we have a direct connection.

One common example that we hear of quite often is twins who are able to communicate without speaking. They might finish each other’s sentences or know instantly when the other is sad or hurt.

Because they were born vibrating on the same (or almost) at the same level, they don’t have to fine-tune their radios to connect. They’re already on the same station. But what does that mean for the rest of us?

For one, it means that telepathy is possible, which I think is a very powerful win. Even if that means that us’ singles’ have to work just a little bit harder to connect through the mind than those who shared a womb with another, the fact that it is possible equals we can too.

It also means that telepathy is a lot more intrinsic than once thought. By digging a little deeper, you may find signs that you already have telepathic powers.

If you’re old enough to read this article, you’ve probably had many different telepathic experiences already. There’s a really fine line between what is ‘psychic,’ what is a ‘premonition,’ and what is straight-up use of our telepathic abilities.

Letting loose and trusting your gut allows you to better connect with the frequencies of others, those that mean you well, and those who don’t.

Also, telepathy often happens when we are dreaming since our sleep time is when our brain waves are at a frequency that really allows for an influx of data to flow in. Although we see time as linear, it’s really not that simple.

Are you prone to headaches or sensations around the center of your forehead? Believe it or not, this can be a sign of telepathic abilities. Your third eye is part of your chakra system and is located between your eyebrows.

Tingling or tension in this area usually has one of two causes: your third eye is expanding, or you’re picking up telepathic energy. If this is happening to you, don’t be afraid. As you hone in on your abilities, these sensations usually subside.

Telepathy and empathy are often intertwined. Empathy is the ability to understand and relate to the feelings of others. Telepathy, on the other hand, is more connected to others’ thoughts.

Another difference is that em-paths usually receive while those who are telepathic can transmit as well. What starts as empathetic gifts can often be grown into telepathic ones with further development.

Those with gifts often feel drawn to spirituality long before they realize the power that they possess. This is because your consciousness knows the truth of your being, even if you haven’t fully awakened.

If you find yourself being drawn to spiritual practices such as meditation, connecting with your ancestors, accessing your Akashic Records, or being one with the natural world, there is probably a gift waiting to be discovered.

Do you always know when someone is telling you a half-truth? Just like claircognizants, telepathic people can usually sense when those they are communicating with are saying things aren’t accurate. Whether they realize it or not, their inner thoughts are giving them away. 

Once you’ve honed your telepathy skills, you’ll start to pick up on thoughts directly. This can be similar to clairaudience. You may ‘hear’ the thoughts, or you may ‘just know.’ Either way, telepathy will allow you to know what others are thinking. 

Telepathy isn’t just about hearing the thoughts of others. It also means being able to implant messages into the minds of others. Some people even take this as far as implanting messages. But of course, that takes a good bit of practice.

Like most psychic abilities, building up your ability to send and receive messages mentally is similar to building a muscle. Without a guide, the process can seem overwhelming. If you’re looking for steps to develop telepathy powers, these are a good place to begin.

Having a solid meditation practice is one of the best ways to tap into telepathic abilities. Contrary to popular belief, meditation is much more than sitting with your legs crossed chanting ‘Om, the Universal login in code to the cosmos.

Meditation is the process of training your mind to focus. It is also one of the best ways to learn to redirect your thoughts. Every time you open your mouth, a honk or the sound of blaring radio drowns out your voice. This is how it is to try and practice telepathy with cluttered thoughts.

Only with a clear and focused mind are we able to connect with our own consciousness and the consciousness of others. Some people are better senders, while others, are better receivers.

Neither is better or worse. Just like with sports or instruments, some people are more naturally inclined toward a particular activity. Here’s a quick question that can help you figure out which skill you possess. Are you more likely to do the following.

Pick up the phone and call a friend who then says, I’ve been thinking about you. Or think of a person and then suddenly, they call. If your answer is the first, you’re probably a receiver; if it is the second, you’re more likely a sender.

When you’re interacting with others, make a conscious effort to pick up on what they’re thinking but not saying. This might come across as a feeling rather than words. You can even try this with a spouse, parent, sibling, or friend.

Have them think of thoughts and see if you can receive the message. Just make sure you’re not practicing with a skeptic. Otherwise, there might be a vibrational block. When it comes to telepathy, practice makes perfect.

There’s no way to know if you’re actually getting your message across unless you’re actively trying to. One simple way to do this is an exercise called hello/goodbye.

Now here’s the important part. You must watch their facial expression. If they seem confused or surprised, they’ve probably received your message. They’ll probably never say anything out loud, most people wouldn’t, but they will almost always give a nonverbal reaction.

It’s important to always trust your gut and not to second guess, whether you’re sending telepathic messages or receiving them. Telepathy in relationships is common for the same reason it is most seen with twins: vibrations.

If you’re deeply connected to a person, you’ll likely function on the same vibrational level. Lots of animals communicate using telepathy, which leads to the question: why would some people believe that humans can’t?

Whales are a great example as they possess a form of communication that allows them to send signals to other whales, even those that are a hundred miles away.

Dolphins, cats, monkeys, and all kinds of animals also show this ability. There are even ‘animal whisperers’ who claim to be able to directly communicate with animals using telepathy.

So, those of us who believe that humans can send and receive telepathic messages might dig into animal research for more clues. You already possess everything you need to tap into consciousness and send and receive telepathic messages. Practice (and a little support) is all that is needed.

Little Spark of Joy / Crickey Conservation Society 2023.

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