Blue Skies

The LOB information explained that the German operated helicopter service was charging people $600-800 for a single 10 minute flight over the island of Curacao, without authority to do so. No permit in this case.

The German pilot landed illegally @ Chogogo and Boase exclusive resorts, ignoring the flight paths according to the official flight plan.

After getting in contact with the Aviation Authorities, the help desk invited Crickey Amigu di Natura to pass by in order to have a look @ some documents that needed to cover up the capitalist tourist scheme.

The Aviation Department could not show us the documents needed to operate the helicopter for it to land on Klein Curacao, southeast of the main island along the coastline of Venezuela.

A couple of days later the hoax was over and the German pilot retreated and stopped his operations. Only the car rental service remained open, but later also terminated that type of business.

The service was also used by secret agents to fly and drive around the island of Curacao, spying on human trafficking rings and other lucrative operations that haunt the island and cause historical high unemployment rates and ever growing poverty.

However the tourism industry flourished on the cheap wages so they are able to launder hundreds of millions into off-shore bank accounts with permission of the Central Bank of Curacao and related businesses.

Most of the resorts on the ABC Islands were granted profit tax– and investment exemptions, ending up in no return of investment for local tax collector, which used public money to facilitate the highly expensive infrastructure.

The failing PAR/MAN government in Curacao is now dealing with huge tax deficits thanks to a network of reckless fascist Zionist investors that abuse the island to rake in large profits, while a very large percentage of the local born population is suffering from growing poverty.

Crickey Conservation Society 2018.

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