Smoke from Australian Wild Fires reaching Brazil

Smoke from devastating bush fires in Australia that have led to the death of over two dozen people has reached South America.

According to the Brazilian Metsul Meteorologia company, smoke from the Australian fires is beginning to arrive in the northwest of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil’s southernmost state.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison pledged to allocate 2 billion Australian dollars ($1.4 billion) to help his fire-hit country through the newly-established National Bush fire Recovery Agency.

The Australian prime minister specified that this new commitment would come in addition to the government’s emergency and disaster payments and support for volunteer firefighters.

Wildfires started burning in Australia in September 2019. But in the last few weeks, hot and dry weather has contributed to the rapid spread of bush fires, which have claimed at least 25 lives and have destroyed almost 2,000 homes.

The bush fire crisis in Australia is getting worse day by day. Nearly half a million animals have likely been killed or displaced by the blazes, but humans will also have a hand in bringing down the animal population.

The Australian government said that over 10,000 camels will be shot from helicopters because they are overrunning the drought-afflicted southern parts of the country.

The operation is set to begin on Wednesday and is expected to take around five days. The camels’ bodies will be left to dry off, where possible, before they are burnt or buried.

Sputnik / Crickey Conservation Society 2020.

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